286 West Main Street
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(530) 662-8600
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2008-05-23 23:38:37   My hubby rated the burgers here as good if not better than In and Out! —jmpember

2009-11-14 01:30:03   A staggering amount of choices on the menu. Everything from hamburgers and hot dogs to tempura and gyros. I always just end up getting one of the cheeseburger specials...I should be a little more daring one of these days. Also, I miss the old ratchety receipt printers, although I bet the workers there don't. —JonR

2010-03-30 09:53:54   Best Turkey Clubs in town! —emiliaann

2010-03-30 09:54:42   I'm from Texas and they have a Texas Grinder there! I love Judy's Grinder... a reason to visit Woodland for sure!!!! —lauralynnsutton

2010-06-15 19:56:59   Really good sandwiches! —Plodder

2010-11-01 20:46:31   We don't usually eat deep-fried stuff, but we ordered the seafood and it was FABULOUS! Didn't taste greasy - just really light and crunchy! —Plodder

2013-07-01 16:38:57   Lots of choices and good food! Just don't expect to be in and out in 2 minutes. —JustinMoney