Expectations of students and the standards of learning are much different from what they were decades ago. Today’s school children work at higher academic levels, and as parents find they are no longer able to help their child with his or her homework, many parents are turning to tutors. Tutors can help to equip and aid a child with the academic skills that he or she will need to succeed in school.

Woodland students who need extra help don't need to go to Sacramento or Davis to sharpen up their academic and thinking skills. Woodland has plenty to offer, from Today's Tutor (run by a retired school teacher) and nationwide franchises like Huntington, to Woodland's very own independently-owned & operated language & learning center, The Learning Advantage.

Tutoring is not just for those who are falling behind in school. Many parents hire tutors to help their child with advanced studies, to help prepare for college testing or if a student needs an added push or insight into a particular subject.

Signs Your Child May Need a Tutor
  • Grades begin to slowly drop.
  • The child is showing frustration in a particular subject(s).
  • The child develops low self esteem and thinks negatively of himself or herself in regards to their school performance.
  • The teacher sends notes home asking you to assist the child with his or her homework.
  • The teacher recommends your child have the assistance of a tutor.
  • No matter how hard the child works, grades do not improve.
  • The child is becoming rebellious toward school work and loses interest in learning.
  • The child is an advanced learner, or a gifted student, and has bypassed the local school system.
  • A college the child wants to attend requires high scores on college tests.