Going through a crossing may put your life at risk if a train is quickly approaching, it may even have fatal side effects. Never race a train to get to a crossing first. Always stop when the bells are ringing, the lights are flashing, and/or the gate is moving or down. Never drive through, around, or under any crossing system. Do not proceed until the gates are raised, lights stop flashing, bells stop ringing, and a prior check to see that no additional trains are approaching.


Were you looking for the Allen Road and Northline Road Railroad Crossing on the border of Southgate and Taylor?

Allen Road crosses a Canadian National track just north of Van Horn Road in Woodhaven. This track runs west into the Flat Rock Yard, and trains originating there often stop at the crossing and reverse for periods of up to an hour at a time, creating gridlock, which in turn results in frustration, especially among ambulance drivers, as the congestion hampers timely emergency-room service to Beaumont Southshore Hospital in Trenton. Since 2012, numerous failed proposals have been made to Wayne County to come up with a way to create a grade separation in an attempt to fix the issue.

2014 collision

On November 19, 2014, a vehicle struck a stopped train at this crossing. Both passengers received minor injuries.