2811 Fort Street, Wyandotte, first store heading north just past the now-Citgo gas station (formerly Future Fuels) at the corner of Oak Street. The entrance used to be marked by a huge white beer can with black DD letters on a yellow circle with red border and red and blue stripes on the top and bottom, but it was removed some years ago.

Discount Drinks is a specialty liquor, beer, wine and soft drink store-and in fact the largest anywhere in Metro Detroit. It specializes in a large selection of domestic, imported and microbrewed beers and a diverse selection of wine. They also assist in planning for graduations, weddings-and even simple company picnics.


The building previously housed Lucille's Linen Shop through the late 1970s. Jerry Hand first opened Discount Drinks in 1981, the store is now owned by his son Patrick Hand. It has expanded twice and went through a number of renovations.

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