Eagle Drugs Pharmacy was since 2008 located at 14657 Northline Road in Southgate. Recently, they moved to a building at 14167 Dix-Toledo Highway that was a former gas station built in 1957 that had been vacant since the early 1990s.

They are not open on Sunday. Can be reached at 734-281-9200


Mike and Sue Hamieh began Eagle Drugs Pharmacy about eight years ago. Sue Hamieh, a pharmacist by trade, was frustrated with how customers were treated at big-box pharmacies like the one she worked at. The two noticed the opportunity when they saw it and opened Eagle Drugs Pharmacy in response. “We took every penny we had and opened the pharmacy on North Line,” Mike Hamieh said. “It was long road to get here, but we were persistent.” Hamieh said the customer experience at their pharmacy is vastly different from a corporate store.