Gibraltar (population 4,656) is a small city located on the Detroit River where it flows out of Lake Erie. Borders are Vreeland Road, Fort Street, Ostreich Road and Woodruff Road. West Jefferson Avenue, however, is the western edge of the main populated area of the city. Gibraltar Road is the main east-west road and east of Jefferson is split into North Gibraltar Road, Middle Gibraltar Road and South Gibraltar Road. Half of the main populated area of Gibraltar is on four Detroit River islands, separated from each other and the mainland by a network of of more than five miles of canals. Single-family homes can be found both on the mainland and on the islands, while the mainland also contains commercial businesses, senior complexes and apartment buildings. The current mayor is Jim Gorris.

A 2002 Gibraltar map.It was incorporated as a village in 1954 and as a city in 1961 and named after a British overseas territory of the same name located on the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula at the entrance of the Mediterranean Sea, and especially the large rock that towers over it. At first, it was referred to as Gibralter, but by 1900 it was corrected. One vestige of the Gibralter misspelling is found on a Gibraltar Road street sign in Flat Rock.


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