Each Downriver community uses different street signs, which can come in useful to help find out which community you are in at the moment.

Wayne County

Nearly all street signs erected by Wayne County are large white-on-green signs. Previously, these were ALL CAPS, but since about five years ago newer signs are erected in Mixed Case. Smaller Wayne County signs can be found in Brownstown Township, Grosse Ile and Huron Township.

By city

Allen Park

White-on-green, newer signs erected in Mixed Case after many years of using ALL CAPS.


White-on-green with a number of older white-on-blue signs still lingering into 2016, ALL CAPS.

Flat Rock

White-on-green, ALL CAPS.


White-on-green, ALL CAPS.

Lincoln Park

White-on-blue, ALL CAPS.


White-on-green, ALL CAPS.

River Rouge

White-on-blue, ALL CAPS.


White-on-green with decorative border, newer signs along major roads erected in Mixed Case and in a larger size after many years of using smaller ALL CAPS signs.


White-on-green, ALL CAPS.


White-on-green, Mixed Case.


Allen Road and Prechter BoulevardWhite-on-green, either ALL CAPS or on newer signs Mixed Case along major roads; black-on-white, ALL CAPS at other intersections.


White-on-blue, newer signs erected in Mixed Case after many years of using ALL CAPS.


White-on-blue, ALL CAPS. Signs along major roads are larger and usually only include the sign for the minor road.


White-on-green, ALL CAPS.


Oak Street and 20th Street. Notice an older "SIXTH ST" sticking through the Oak sign, an indication that that sign was recycled from an older white-on-green sign.Green-on-white with green border (black-on-white with black border on newer signs), ALL CAPS. The oldest versions of these signs have a squiggly-styled border and different font (with bolded numerals for numbered streets). Years ago, street signs were white-on-green, didn't have a border and for numbered streets the number was spelled out for First-Ninth Streets and written in numerical form for 10th-23rd Streets. The switchover occurred around 2000, with some white-on-green holdouts into the first few years of the 2000s, the last remaining white-on-green signs at Goddard Road and Lindbergh Street not being removed until 2005.

More photos

Sycamore Street and 15th StreetChestnut Street and Sixth StreetOak Street and Seventh Street11th Street and Elm Street

Subdivisions with their own street signs

Some subdivisions may use their own street sign designs instead. Please add those subdivisions that use their own street signs, the community the subdivision is located in and the style of street sign the subdivision uses.