Wild Coney & Grill is a coney island with two locations.



Their Riverview location (18818 Fort Street, Riverview, former Denny's) was struck by two major fires, one in 2015 and the second in 2016. This location never reopened after the second fire.

It was first spotted as a fire by a manager of the Speedway gas station across the street, who called 911. Four Riverview firefighters responded to the incident, as did four Trenton firefighters, who were called in for use of the department’s aerial ladder truck if roof access had been required. Rosebohm said the roof was never breached, so the truck did not have to be used. Even though the fire was rapidly extinguished, in less than 15 minutes, Rosebohm said this blaze caused considerably more damage than the fire last year.

A fire at Wild Coney & Grill, 18818 Fort St., caused relatively little damage to the building, but enough to shut it down for at least a week. Public safety officials were alerted to the blaze at about 12:30 a.m. April 22 through an activated fire alarm. Two police officers, first to arrive at the scene, said they observed flames, up to 3 feet high, coming from inside the building. One of the officers used his baton to break the glass of the locked front door in order to get inside the restaurant.