International Village was a $300+ million mixed-use development proposed for the remaining undeveloped 30+ acres of the City-owned Water Street property in Ypsilanti’s Ward 1. If sold, the City would have privatizing 30+ acres of public land to facilitate the sale of EB-5 visas to wealthy international investors. Presentation from International Village LLC

Due to community concerns voiced by individuals & groups like Defend Affordable Ypsi, a public hearing was held at the Ypsilanti Freight House to proceed the acceptance of the purchase agreement on September 19th, 2017.The hearing went late into the night with some significant debate after over 50 public comments between council members. Lois Richardson voted to delay for additional review, seconded by Pete Murdock. The motion failed as it received no support from other council members.

Council Member Robb "called to question" which forced a vote to approve the proposal. The motion passed (4-2-1):

Nicole Brown (Council Member  Mayor Pro-Tem) - Yes

Peter Murdock (Council Member) - Abstain

Lois Richardson (Council Member) - No

Beth Bashert (Council Member) - Yes

Brian Robb (Council Member) - Abstain

Amanda Edmonds (Mayor)- Yes

Dan Vogt (Council Member) - Yes