14th Street in Marysville is a major street divided into two parts. The west part runs between Bizz Johnson Drive, which in its entirety is sometimes considered to be part of 14th Street, and Chestnut Street, where it is interrupted by East Lake. 14th Street resumes at Walnut Street on the other side of East Lake; one block east of there, at Yuba Street, it becomes known as "East 14th Street." East 14th Street runs between Yuba Street and Bryden Way.

From west to east on 14th Street, significant places include Beckwourth Riverfront Park Complex, Twin Cities Rescue Mission, Camp Singer, NorCal Center on Deafness, the Yuba County Office of Education, Motor Park, Ellis Lake (which it crosses via a short bridge between C and D Streets), Appeal-Democrat Park, East Lake, and Miners Square Park.