Butte County is directly north of both Yuba and Sutter Counties. It is also adjacent to Plumas County. Its county seat is Oroville. Its largest city is Chico, which, with a population of 86,949, is the third-largest city in the counties adjacent to Yuba and Sutter—after Sacramento (population 460,242) in Sacramento County and Roseville (population 106,266) in Placer County.

The total population of Butte County was 220,000 as of the 2010 census.

Butte County includes part of Plumas National Forest.

Honcut Creek and its south branch form much of the boundary between Yuba and Butte Counties.

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Cities and Nearby Towns

Table Mountain in Oroville, Butte County. Photo by queerbychoice. Places are listed in order of travel time required to reach them. The travel time shown is from the nearest town in Yuba or Sutter Counties, except when that travel time is an hour or longer, in which case the travel time shown is from Yuba City or Marysville.


Lake Oroville Area

Lake Oroville is a 45-minute drive from Yuba City or Marysville. Its elevation is 900 feet.

  • Bidwell Canyon Campground—75 sites, flush toilets, piped water, Lake Oroville
  • Goat Ranch Campground—Lake Oroville
  • Lake Oroville Boat-in Campground—Lake Oroville
  • Lake Oroville Boat-in Floating Camps—10 sites, Lake Oroville
  • Lake Oroville State Recreation Area—Lake Oroville
  • Loafer Creek Group and Equestrian Camp—137 sites, flush toilets, piped water, Lake Oroville

Sly Creek Reservoir Area

Sly Creek Reservoir is a 1.25-hour drive from Yuba City or Marysville. It is in the Feather River Ranger District of Plumas National Forest. Its elevation is 3,560 feet.

Other Areas

  • Butte Meadows Campground
  • Fall River Campground
  • Mishop Bar Campground

Other Places of Interest


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