Cunard is an unincorporated town in Sutter County. It is located near the east bank of the Sacramento River, south of Marchant, west of Ensley, and southeast of Robbins. Its elevation is 26 feet.

The native plant community of Cunard is valley grassland. This means that winter flooding, extremely dry summers, and soil that tends to be somewhat alkaline make it difficult for trees and shrubs to grow. However, grasses or grasslike plants are not necessarily the dominant plants either. Many types of herbaceous plants thrive in valley grassland.

The U.S. Postal Service sometimes lists addresses in Cunard as being in Robbins, because Cunard is in the 95645 zip code and Robbins is partly in it as well. However, on the Yuba-Sutter Wiki, we prefer listing the more specific location Cunard.


Main Roads

  • Ensley Road
  • Gifford Road


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