District 10 is the common name for the area of Yuba County that is directly north of Marysville and includes the extremely small communities of Mello, Ramirez, and Tambo. The name is short for Reclamation District 10, which was established in 1913 to designate authorities responsible for maintaining the Levees in that area to prevent floods. It is often erroneously explained as being the name of the local irrigation district, but a reclamation district is not the same as an irrigation district. The District 10 area belongs to several different irrigation districts.

According to the 1913 legislation, District 10 is bounded on the north and south by Honcut Creek and the Marysville Levees and on the east and west by the farther east of the two Union Pacific Railroad tracks and the Feather River. This area includes approximately 12,000 acres of land and 23 miles of levees.

The reclamation districts were numbered on a statewide basis, so districts 1 through 9 are not in the Yuba-Sutter area.

The irrigated fields in District 10 are an excellent habitat for many waterfowl and therefore a popular bird watching spot, inspiring websites such as the Swan Identification Field Trip page.

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Yuba County: Reclamation District 10 Swan Identification Field Trip in District 10, Yuba County