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Frenchtown is an unincorporated town in Yuba County. It is located south of Sharon Valley, southwest of Challenge and Greenville, northwest of Dobbins, northeast of Oregon House, and southeast of Rackerby and Brownsville. Its elevation is 1,447 feet.

The native plant community of Frenchtown is central oak woodland.

The U.S. Postal Service sometimes lists addresses in Frenchtown as being in Brownsville, because they are both in the 95919 zip code. However, on the Yuba-Sutter Wiki, we prefer listing the more specific location Frenchtown.


The History of Yuba County, California (Chapter XXIX: Parks Bar Township) by Thompson & West, 1879, described Frenchtown this way:

This once flourishing little town lies on Dry creek, one-half mile south of the New York Township line. Mining was first done in this vicinity in 1852 on Rich Gulch. The first permanent settlement on the site of the town was made in 1854 by Paul Vavasseur. He built a hotel, and kept store and bar. The town in a few years became quite a center, about five hundred men making this their headquarters. There were four stores, three saloons, three hotels, two blacksmith shops, one bakery, and one barber shop. Since 1870 the place has been virtually abandoned. There are now several dwelling-houses in the town, and a hotel and bar kept by Paul Vavasseur. Some good quartz ledges have been discovered at the head of Rich Gulch. Some mining is still being done there. In 1861, Vavasseur built a small arrastra, which still stands there. In 1878, he built a larger one, which is now in use. Vavasseur makes considerable wine every year. The town derived its name from the large number of French people who settled there.


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