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Galena Hill is a hill north of Camptonville. It is located at the intersection of Youngs Hill Road and Weeds Point Road, southeast of Youngs Hill and southwest of Weeds Point. Its elevation is 2,926 feet,1 but its prominence above the surrounding countryside is only about 80 feet. The History of Yuba County, California (Chapter XXXIII: Slate Range Township) by Thompson & West, 1879, described Galena Hill this way:
Gold was found on this hill, about two miles north of Camptonville, in 1852. The discoverers were from Galena, Illinois, and named the hill after their Eastern home. The hills was very easy to work, and it is claimed that for this reason more money was made here than at any of the other hill diggings. In 1856, there were a hotel, two stores and two saloons, while about one hundred miners were at work. A large portion of the hill was worked by hydraulic power. At present there is no store or business place here, and only a dozen miners at work.


Galena Hill


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