The Yuba River in Hammon Grove Park. Photo by queerbychoice. Hammon Grove Park is a Yuba County park comprising 40 acres of riparian forest and central oak woodland. It is located at the point where Dry Creek flows into the Yuba River, directly south of Browns Valley.

There is a one-mile hiking trail around the perimeter of the park. River access is provided at one-half mile from the trailhead, and a paved road also allows vehicle access from Highway 20 to the river. There is a picnic area with tables and a large barbecue, which can be reserved for a fee. Fishing is permitted. There is also a 9-hole disc golf course. Throughout Hammon Grove Park, beware of rattlesnakes and ticks.

The submerged Daguerra Point Diversion Dam on the Yuba River is located just downstream from Hammon Grove Park.

Danger Warning:

Due to being completely submerged, the dam and its associated debris

->>>> Can be hazardous to unsuspecting rafters and boaters. <<


The area now known as Hammon Grove Park used to be a town called Long Bar, which was long ago buried under debris from hydraulic mining. It is now named for Wendell P. Hammon, a gold-dredging company official for whom Hammonton is also named. The extensive water canals traversing the park still lead to piles of old mine tailings.


The plants at the park are typical of blue oak woodland and valley/foothill riparian forest. In addition to the blue oaks, gray pines, interior live oaks, and California sycamores that dominate the landscape, there are many common smaller plants, including common manzanitas, buckbrush, California buttonbushes, yerba santa, hairy gumplants, silver bush lupine, Pacific blackberries, and California wild grapes. Poison oak is unfortunately also present, but it is controlled in some areas to make it somewhat less hazardous than it would otherwise be.


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