Horseback riding is a popular activity in the Yuba-Sutter area.


October: Beckwourth Frontier Days


Places to Ride

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You may also be interested in horseback riding in other counties nearby. The Davis Wiki has its own page that covers everything related to horses in Davis. Bidwell Park in Chico and South Yuba Trail in Nevada County are also good places for horseback riding.


Yuba County

  • Horses (and all other animals weighing more than 100 pounds, with the exception of livestock animals on an open range) must not be allowed to run loose in any public place or any unenclosed private place in Yuba County. They must be kept behind a fence that is sufficient to keep them in. If it is a wire fence, it must have at least four equally spaced, tightly stretched barbed wires, at least one of which must be at least four feet above the ground. The wires must be fastened to strong posts that are firmly set in the ground and spaced no more than ten feet apart. Any other fence of equal height and strength to the wire fence described here is considered sufficient. (Yuba County Ordinance Code Title VIII § 8.05)



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