Map of La Porte Road/Quincy La Porte Road in Yuba and Plumas Counties

La Porte Road (also called Porte Road and, in Plumas County, Quincy La Porte Road) started out as a stagecoach road during the Gold Rush, when it was called the Marysville La Porte Road. It is named for the town of La Porte in Plumas County, which is the point at which the name of the road changes to "Quincy La Porte Road" (signifying that it runs between La Porte and Quincy). The full length of road that is named in various ways after the town of La Porte runs between Honcut in Butte County and East Quincy in Plumas County. It connects with Highway 70 in East Quincy and with Ramirez Road in Honcut.

From west to east, significant places on La Porte Road include Destination Whimsey and Ray's General Hardware in Brownsville, Rainbow Inn in Challenge, and Strawberry Valley General Store and the post office in Strawberry Valley. La Porte Road also passes through Rackerby, Sharon Valley, Woodleaf, Eagleville, and North Star. It is known as "Quincy La Porte Road" in the region surrounding the town of La Porte in Plumas County.