The Marysville City Council contains six members, including the mayor, vice mayor, and city manager. The three other members each represent specific wards of the city.

Current Members

Mayor: Bill Harris Vice Mayor: Christina Billeci City Manager: Stephen Casey Councilmember: Benjamin Wirtschafter Councilmember: Jim Kitchen Councilmember: Michael Selvidge

Significant Past Members




Tree nets in Washington Square Park, May 2009. Photo by queerbychoice. In April 2007, the Marysville City Council attempted to sell a portion of Washington Square Park, which would then have been converted to a retail development. Citizens to Preserve Marysville's Parks filed and won a lawsuit that prevented the sale on the grounds that the Marysville City Council had not submitted the required environmental impact report. The environmental impact report was then completed in 2008, and the Marysville City Council is continuing preparations to try again to sell the park.

Since January 2009, 15 trees in the park, mostly elms ranging from 30 to 100 feet tall, have been wholly encased in black fabric netting to prevent birds from nesting in them. This is because environmental laws intended to prevent the destruction of rare birds' habitat could prevent the trees from being chopped down to build the proposed retail development. Yet by encasing the trees in netting, the city is thwarting the purpose of the environmental laws by simply destroying the rare birds' habitat even sooner than it would have been destroyed with no such environmental laws in place.


"Tree Nets Spoiling Marysville" by Dale Whitmore, Appeal-Democrat, April 16, 2009