Media in the Yuba-Sutter area include:



There are currently no television channels that broadcast from Yuba or Sutter Counties. People in the Yuba-Sutter area watch television channels broadcast from Sacramento, Chico, Roseville, Oroville, and Palermo. Local television news can be found on the Internet via (Sutter-Yuba Television). The site currently provides local news, events, and sports coverage for Sutter and Yuba counties.



Many people in the Yuba-Sutter area also subscribe to the Sacramento Bee.


W. T. Ellis, Jr., for whom Ellis Lake was named, wrote in his autobiography Memories: My Seventy-Two Years in the Romantic County of Yuba, California:

The first newspaper published in Marysville was the Marysville Herald, the first issue being on August 6, 1850, by R. H. Taylor, who was both editor and proprietor. The paper was conducted by him as a bi-weekly until January 28th, 1851, when Stephen C. Massett purchased an interest. . . . [Massett had] contributed articles to the newspapers in Sacramento and San Francisco of a humorous character and always signed them "Jeems Pipes of Pipesville," which struck the popular fancy. Meeting Mr. Taylor, the owner of the Marysville Herald, on a trip, Taylor persuaded him to come to Marysville and purchase a half interest in his newspaper, with the result that he "pepped up" the paper and became very well known by his amusing articles, largely directed at local persons and local events.
The California Express made its appearance as a daily paper on November 3rd, 1851, and was published by Gee Giles & Co.; it was described as being "equal in size to the largest daily out of San Francisco."
The Daily Inquirer made its appearance on November 17, 1851, being issued by J. De Mott & Co. Later on, in 1858, another newspaper made its appearance. This was the National Democrat, published by A. S. Randall & Co. It was also a daily and weekly paper with a claimed circulation of 3500.

John Rollin Ridge was the leading newspaper editor in Marysville's early days, and worked at various times for the Marysville Express, the Marysville National Democrat, and the Marysville Appeal. He was also the first editor ever of the Sacramento Bee.

The Appeal-Democrat was formed from the 1926 merger of the Marysville Appeal (founded in 1860) and the Marysville Evening Democrat (founded in 1884).