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Moonshine Creek is a creek that is about 3.5 miles long and flows into the Yuba River middle fork about five miles southwest of Camptonville.

Tributaries of Moonshine Creek include Hornswoggle Creek, Little Willow Creek, and Wagner Creek.

The History of Yuba County, California (Chapter XXXIII: Slate Range Township) by Thompson & West, 1879, described Moonshine Creek this way:

Gold was struck in 1853 by Jerry Billings, Anderson, Ferguson, and one other. They found it very rich and when "cleaning up" the "long toms" would always station a man on the hill, to give them a signal if any one approached in that direction; they then would shovel into the rocker and cover up the gold. By this means they kept it secret for some time; but one evening, they became so interested in cleaning up that the picket was not posted, and while they were feasting their eyes on the gold in the pan a visitor came up. This put an end to the secret and a number of miners came to Moonshine and posted their notices on the claims. The place was soon worked out.