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Nicolaus is an unincorporated town in Sutter County. It is located on the east bank of the Feather River, south of Rio Oso, west of East Nicolaus and Trowbridge, northwest of Pleasant Grove and Catlett, and northeast of Verona and Lee. It has a population of approximately 110 (according to Wikipedia). Its elevation is 30 feet. The average annual rainfall is 15.9 inches. The average high temperature in July is 95.7°, and the average low temperature in January is 37.5°.

The native plant communities of Nicolaus are valley grassland and riparian forest.

The U.S. Postal Service sometimes lists addresses in East Nicolaus, Trowbridge, and Verona as being in Nicolaus, because they are all in the 95659 zip code. However, on the Yuba-Sutter Wiki, we prefer listing the more specific locations.


As of a July 2007 estimate1, residents' median age was 43 years.

Of residents 25 or older, 82.7% had at least a high school degree, 24.5% had at least a bachelor's degree, and 5.3% had a graduate or professional degree. Nicolaus has the highest proportion of 4-year college graduates in the Yuba-Sutter area.

Of residents 15 or older, 63.1% were married.

For employed residents, the average travel time to work was 25 minutes.

The 2008 median home price was $282,900.


A Nisenan village used to be located on the west bank of the Feather River about one mile above (and across the river from) what is now Nicolaus. The people of this village were called the Olashes.

Nicolaus is named after Nicolaus Allgeier, a local rancher who established a ferry there. It served as the county seat of Sutter County in 1850-1851 and again in 1852-1856, except for two months in 1854. Yuba City is now the county seat.

Nicolaus violently drove all its Chinese residents out of town in March 1886, one month after Marysville and Wheatland did the same. It remained a sundown town (in which Chinese people and other people of color were threatened with violence if they attempted to live in the city or to remain in it after sundown) until apparently rather recently, although the policy became gradually less overtly stated in public. The Chinese-American population is still virtually zero to this day, although other Asian-American people are beginning to feel comfortable living here; in particular, the significant Punjabi-American Community of nearby South Yuba City is beginning to integrate into Nicolaus. The Latin American Community is especially well-established in Nicolaus.


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