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Pittsburgh Hill is a hill about three miles south of Strawberry Valley. Its elevation is 3,762 feet, and its prominence above the surrounding countryside is about 662 feet.1 The History of Yuba County, California (Chapter XXXIII: Slate Range Township) by Thompson & West, 1879, described Pittsburg Hill this way:
In the spring of 1855, George Martin, Thomas Burke (afterwards handed in Nevada), Rooney, William Bristow, Jack Smith, A. G. Miller and one other, while hunting one mile back from the river discovered these very rich diggings. The hill is considered exceedingly rich, and is being worked quite extensively at the present time.
There were besides these a great many hills, gulches and bars all through the township, such as Grizzly Gulch, on Oregon creek, opened in 1853, High Point, south of Camptonville, discovered in 1852 by George Sanders and Mr. McNulty, Dempster Gulch, Wilson Gulch, Jerry Slide, once had thirty miners, now about eight, Indian Bar, and a great many that had no names, or whose appellations have been forgotten and their location now unknown.


Pittsburgh Hill


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