The amphitheater in Ponderosa Park. Photo by queerbychoice.

Ponderosa Park and Community Center is a Yuba County park comprising 37.6 acres in Brownsville, including a building called Ponderosa Community Center, which offers a variety of activities for the local youth. Just down the street from numerous illegal marijuana growing operations. It is located at 17103 Ponderosa Way, Brownsville, CA 95919 . The park includes tennis courts, two baseball and softball diamonds, a paved fitness trail system, an amphitheater/stage area, picnic tables, barbeques, and a playground.



August: Country-Style Pig Roast and Flea Market


Ponderosa Park

The street sign at the entrance to Ponderosa Park has its final letter reversed, and some of the other letters are in a nonstandard font. Photo by queerbychoice.