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Religion and Sprituality in the Yuba-Sutter area is predominantly Roman Catholic, Baptist, and Pentecostal. However, the Sri Narayan Hindu Temple in Yuba City, the Islamic Center of Yuba City in Tierra Buena, the Marysville Buddhist Church and Bok Kai Temple in Marysville, and the five Sikh Temples throughout Sutter County illustrate some of the religious diversity that exists in the Yuba-Sutter area as well.

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As of a 2007 estimate, 43.8% of Yuba County residents belonged to the Roman Catholic Church,and 8.6% to the Southern Baptist Convention, and 7.8% to the Assemblies of God.

38.9% of Sutter County residents belonged to the Roman Catholic Church, 5.9% to the Assemblies of God, and 5.4% to the Southern Baptist Convention.


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The Marysville City Directory of 1857 notes:

The first preaching in Marysville (if we except the exhortations of an old gentleman who used to hold forth occasionally in the Spring of 1850, under an old oak on the Plaza), was in the summer of that year, by Rev. Mr. Wilson, a clergyman of the Methodist denomination. The congregation met in a wooden building on D Street until 1852, under the preaching of Mr. Wilson at first, and subsequently of Rev. Messrs. Burnell and Bryer. The present brick house of worship, corner of Fourth and E Streets, is a neat edifice and was built by this congregation in 1852, principally by the exertions of Mr. Bryer. In the fall of 1850, a Presbyterian congregation was formed, and met at the Masonic Hall, until in 1851, a small wooden church was erected by them. Rev. J. W. Bryer was their first pastor. In 1854, their church was destroyed by fire, and a new site was purchased at the corner of D and Fifth Streets. In the east end of the lot, which is eighty by one hundred and sixty feet in extent, a small brick edifice has been erected, which is now used for a place of worship. The following year, the present handsome structure was erected with a bell and very large clock, with faces on all four sides of the tall spire. The arrangement for part of the financing of this structure is interesting; a campaign for funds was launched, the slogan of which was "Buy a shingle for the spire," and from all parts of California came contributions of $20 with which to "buy a shingle" and the financing in the sum of $33,000 was accomplished promptly.
The Episcopal congregation was formed in 1854 and Rev. E. W. Hager chosen Rector. St. John's, a fine brick church, was erected, mainly by the energy and influence of Mr. Hager, in the latter part of 1855, on the corner of E and Fifth Streets (it is still there).
The Catholic pastor, Rev. Peter Magagnotto, organized a church here, in the fall of 1852. A wooden church was built in 1853 and occupied until the elegant brick structure of St. Joseph's Church was completed in 1856. This is by far the most expensive church edifice in this part of the State and when its Gothic spire is completed will be a great ornament to the City.
Common schools, sufficient to meet the wants of the City, are fostered and sustained by the excellent school system of the State. Miss Wells, a most estimable lady, and a superior teacher, has recently opened an academy for young ladies in which all the higher branches, with music, drawing, painting, etc., are taught.
The Sisters of Notre Dame have also opened a similar institution, but on a more extensive scale, in a large three-story edifice, erected for the purpose.


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