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Robbins is an unincorporated town in Sutter County. It is located near the east bank of the Sacramento River, southwest of Wilson, northwest of Marchant and Cunard, and southeast of Kirkville and Subaco. It has a population of 1,888 (as of a 2009 estimate). Its elevation is 23 feet. The average annual rainfall is 17.1 inches. The average high temperature in July is 95.7°, and the average low temperature in January is 37.5°.

The native plant community of Robbins is valley grassland. This means that winter flooding, extremely dry summers, and soil that tends to be somewhat alkaline make it difficult for trees and shrubs to grow. However, grasses or grasslike plants are not necessarily the dominant plants either. Many types of herbaceous plants thrive in valley grassland.

Robbins is split between the 95645 and 95676 zip codes. The U.S. Postal Service sometimes lists addresses in Cunard, Ensley, Karnak, Kirkville, Marchant, and Subaco as being in Robbins, because Cunard, Ensley, Karnak, Kirkville, and Marchant are in the 95645 zip code and Subaco is in the 95676 zip code. However, on the Yuba-Sutter Wiki, we prefer listing the more specific locations.


Robbins was originally called Madox, after a manager of Sutter Basin Company. In 1925, company oficials changed the name to Robbins to honor the company president, George B. Robbins. Robbins has had its own post office since 1926.1


As of a July 2007 estimate, residents' median age was 35 years.Sperling's Best Places: Robbins

56.3% of residents were Hispanic, followed by 38.4% of residents who were white and non-Hispanic. This is the highest proportion of Hispanic residents in the Yuba-Sutter region, and the lowest proportion of white non-Hispanic residents.

Of Robbins residents 25 or older, 44.4% had at least a high school degree, 9.0% had at least a bachelor's degree, and 3.7% had a graduate or professional degree. Robbins has the lowest proportion of high school graduates in the Yuba-Sutter region.

Of residents 15 or older in nearby Meridian, Cranmore, Kirkville, and Robbins combined2, 61.3% were married, 23.8% had never married, 8.3% were divorced, 6.6% were widowed, and 2.4% were separated.

For employed Robbins residents, the average travel time to work was 27 minutes. The most common industries for males to work in were farming (50%) and the construction industry (10%). The most common industries for females to work in were farming (18%) and education (14%). The Meridian-Robbins area has an unusually high proportion of farm workers, compared to the rest of the Yuba-Sutter region.

The 2007 median annual household income in the Meridian-Robbins area was $49,458.3 The 2008 median home price in Robbins was $191,910. 18.9% of residents were below the poverty level in 2007, and 11.2% were below half the poverty level.


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