St. Joseph Catholic Church in Marysville was built in 1856. Architect Warren P. Miller added the spire in 1862. Photo by queerbychoice.

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Roman Catholicism is the world's largest Christian denomination, comprising approximately half of all Christians and one sixth of the world's population.1

The Roman Catholic Church opposes abortion, birth control, condoms, the Iraq War, and secular governmental recognition of same-sex marriage. In recent years, it has been in the news due to repeated lawsuits over child molestation perpetrated by Roman Catholic priests and covered up by bishops. A Roman Catholic priest created the Big Bang theory of the creation of the universe, which was then promoted by Pope Pius XII.

The Roman Catholic Church does not ordain any women or openly gay men. It not only does not perform same-sex marriages, but opposes secular governmental recognition of same-sex marriages performed by other churches. Since 1939, it has allowed male Protestant ministers or Anglican priests who are married to women to be ordained as Roman Catholic priests, but does not allow other married men to be ordained as priests, and does not allow priests to marry after being ordained. Since 1965, it has allowed men who are married to women to be ordained as deacons, but does not allow deacons to marry women or men after being ordained. It does not allow any married men to be consecrated as bishops.

As of a 2007 estimate, 43.8% of Yuba County residents and 38.9% of Sutter County residents belonged to the Roman Catholic Church.

Historical Figures

The former Church of the Immaculate Conception in Smartsville was built in 1871 and has not been used for religious purposes since 1968. It was sold to the town by the Diocese of Sacramento in 1998. Photo by queerbychoice.



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