Slate Range Bar is a bar on the north bank of the Yuba River north fork, about 3.5 miles southeast of Strawberry Valley. The History of Yuba County, California (Chapter XXXII: North East Township) by Thompson & West, 1879, described Slate Range Bar this way:

This bar is on North Yuba river, between Slate and Canyon creeks. A party of four or five Mormons worked just above the bar in June, 1849. A company from New Orleans came next. Dr. Murphy built a store in 1850, and W. K. Finley opened a dry goods store in 1851, in a brush tent. In its palmy days there were one hundred men at work here, and also several stores, saloons, hotels, butcher shops, etc. There are at present about fifteen men. One store remains, owned by James Godfrey. The bar is on the route from Camptonville to Strawberry Valley, and a bridge spans the stream at this point, built before 1858.