Boaters gather on the Star Bend Boat Ramp. Star Bend Park and Boat Ramp is two separate tracts of land comprising the Star Bend Unit of the Feather River State Wildlife Area. Both tracts are located on the east bank of the Star Bend of the Feather River, just west of Plumas Lake.

The more downstream tract is a 9.2-acre park on the Levee Road just west of Feather River Boulevard, with a parking lot, boat ramp, and fishing access. This is said to be a great location for catching seasonally migrating fish, including salmon, striped bass, and sturgeon.

The more upstream tract is an approximately 40-acre park inside the angle of Star Bend.

The Sutter County side of the river at Star Bend has sometimes been known as Starr's Landing,1 probably after George Franklin Starr, a prominent local farmer.

Boating at Star Bend.


Star Bend Boat Ramp California Department of Fish and Game: Feather River Wildlife Area


1. Starr's Landing in Sutter County, CA