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Youngs Hill is a hill on Youngs Hill Road, northwest of Camptonville and Galena Hill and west of Weeds Point. Its elevation is 2,801 feet,1 but its prominence above the surrounding countryside is only about 70 feet.

Youngs Hill is named for William Young and his brother, whose mining community called Youngs Hill was located just east of the hill.2 The History of Yuba County, California (Chapter XXXIII: Slate Range Township) by Thompson & West, 1879, described Youngs Hill this way:

||<tablewidth="75%" bgcolor="#ccddff">This hill lies three miles north of Camptonville, and was first worked in 1852 by William Young and his brother, from whom it derived its name. The first store was kept by Briggs Brothers, and the next, in 1855, by Charles E. De Long and George King. In 1856, there were three hotels, four saloons, three stores, two

blacksmith shops, two butcher shops, two dry-goods stores, and a theater, in which amateur home talent delighted the toiling miner. That year they polled four hundred and sixty-four votes. There are now two families and several single men, but no store or hotel.||


Youngs Hill


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