The Fountain Hills Fountain operates from 9am to 9pm everyday of the week. It sprays water at a rate of 7,000 US gallons per minute. The fountain was created in order to celebrate life and water and is placed in the desert in order to show this appreciation. It runs for 15 minutes every hour on the hour and reaches a height of 330 feet in the air. The fountain is powered by 600 horsepower turbine pipes. It contains an 18-inch nozzle that the water sprays out of. This nozzle weighs over 2,000 pounds. When it is a windy day of at least 10 mph, the fountain will immediately turn off by sensor so that it does not spray. On certain occasions, the fountain will reach up to about 560 feet! These three occasions are: 

  • St. Patrick's Day (the fountain even turns green at 12pm!) 

  • Fourth of July 

  • Fountain Hills Anniversary of Incorporation 


This fountain is located in a 64-acre park. The man made lake that the fountain sits in the middle of is 28 acres. This park includes activities such as a playground and a 18-hole championship disc golf course. The park also included a turf field, parking lots, drinking fountains, restrooms, picnic tables, and a 7,200 feet of walkway that has light up lamps the entire way. The walk is not too far of a walk and it can be very fun for a day or night walk! Animals often walk across the park, especially at night. This is due to the fact that the fountain is located in the center of the desert. Javelinas, coyotes, and many more animals can be spotted at or near the Fountain Hills park. This park is a great place for all different ages and demographics 


The Fountain Hills Fountain was built in 1970 by a man named Robert McCulloch and founded on December 15, 1970 but did not get acquired to the town until May 1, 1997 from MCO properties. 9 months later is when they came up with a master plan to include more activities in the park such as the golf course and playgrounds. Robert McCulloch built this fountain the year before he reconstructed the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City. He is a very famous architect with many accomplishments including the Fountain Hills Fountain. This fountain is located in Fountain Hills, Arizona which is a part of Arizona Maricopa County. It used to be known as the largest fountain in the entire world but is now the fourth largest fountain in the world. People travel all over the world and especially across Arizona to come visit this historical site. Before Robert McCulloch built the fountain on this land, it used to be a cattle ranch and was one of the largest cattle holding ranches in Arizona. Fountain Hills is located in the hills in eastern Scottsdale. The population of Fountain Hills is 22,489 people and the income is medium. It consist of 2 elementary schools, 1 middle school, and 1 high school in the town of Fountain Hills. 


There are many park rules and regulations to make sure that everyone remains safe. There is absolutely no swimming in the fountain, no boats, or no fishing can be done. There are several rules because of how many people visit this monument and especially because NO one is allowed in the water. Any people who violate any of the rules listed below will be prosecuted. More rules of the park include: 

  • No alcoholic beverages allowed in the park

  • No firearms or weapons allowed

  • No unauthorized vendors are permitted 

  • Do not destroy the plants or statues 

  • Overnight parking will be towed 

  • No smoking of any kind is not permitted

  • All pets must have a leash and an owner

  • No glass containers allowed

  • No fires allowed

  • No overnight camping 

  • No golfing 

  • Pets must be cleaned up after 

  • No vehicles in unauthorized areas or in parking area

Covid 19 rules:

  • No major gatherings over 20 people
  • Park hours are now 6am to 11pm
  • If you have any covid symptoms stay home and away from the park.

Fun Facts: 

  • The Fountain Hills town has partnered with EarthCam in order to live stream 24 hours of the day of this famous fountain and park!

  • When the fountain is on, it can be seen from very far away places including by aircraft. 

  • The sprinkler system has been adjusted to only go on from 10 pm to 8 am in order for people to not get sprayed by them during the day. 

  • Then Fountain Hills park also allows hot air balloons to be displayed, artwork to be put up, and many other events are held with the permission of the park. 

  • LED lights have been installed in the fountain and there are six different colors that can be put on for special occasions. 

  • In October all the way to April, the Fountain Hills Farmers Market/Art is held on the park avenue every year. 

  • When the fountain goes off it is even taller than the Washington Monument. 

  • The fountain is taller than the Notre Dame Cathedral, Great Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt, and even taller than Old Faithful in Yellowstone. 

  • The fountain goes off 15 times a day.

  • There is artwork displayed all over the town of Fountain Hills and in the park.

  • Fountain Hills got an award for being the best place to live in the Valley of the Sun. 

  • Fountain Hills is an amazing place to live and is very friendly and welcoming.

  • The fountain is a part of the town's water treatment system.

  • The Fountain Hills Park hosts many celebrations and events which people travel all over the states for. 



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