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2011-10-27 16:04:14   Hey, Brian, welcome to the Wiki! Thanks for contributing.

One major tip I always recommend to new editors is to use the Preview button before saving a page - look over the page that you’re about to create, and don’t save it yet if the page has major gaps in information, or has leftover information from the template, etc.

I look forward to seeing more of your contributions around the wiki. Hit me up (leave a comment on my user page) if you ever have a question about anything. —NicholasBarry

2011-11-08 14:36:43   Hey, thanks for the updates to the Stanford Home for Children page. I made some changes to the page according to our style guide of wiki conventions - you should check the page out. I fixed the Address macro on the physical address (e.g. [[address(123 main street)]] - you don't need to put in "Sacramento" in the address (it's assumed).

Thanks, —NicholasBarry