LocalWiki is a grassroots effort to collect, share and open the world's local knowledge

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A community knowledge commons

What if there was somewhere you could go to learn all about where you live? A place to learn about your neighborhoods, about your local parks, about being a parent in your city, about history, politics – anything and everything useful and beautiful about your community. With LocalWiki, everybody has a way to share and learn about where they live.

A collaborative storytelling tool

Whether it's knowing about butterfly corridors or the history of a local beach, everyone holds a piece of the puzzle of what it's like to live in their community. And unlike a news site or a blog, anyone can add and modify LocalWiki pages. LocalWiki lets you and your neighbors tell the story of your community, together.

A global effort

From Sapporo, Japan to Oakland, California, communities across the world use LocalWiki to share their local knowledge. Learn about the issues that affect nearby communities, and communities halfway across the globe. There is a whole world to discover!

Free, open and non-profit

Like a park or a public library, LocalWiki is a public good. LocalWiki is free for anyone to read, copy and reuse for any purpose, and the backend code powering LocalWiki is open-source. We do not run any advertisements, and we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. You can donate to support LocalWiki here.

An API for your city

LocalWiki represents a free, universally-accessible collection of the world's local knowledge upon which we hope countless civic and locally-relevant applications will be built. Our geospatially-aware, read-write API makes it easy to integrate LocalWiki with your application, or to import useful local data from elsewhere!

It's easy!

Adding to LocalWiki is as easy as making a Facebook post – contributing requires no technical knowledge or academic background. We have no complicated rules for how to format a page, or even what to write about: if it's useful or beautiful to your community, then it's worth sharing!

Yelp is aimed at the consumer in us. LocalWiki inspires the citizen in us. Sue Gardner, Former Executive Director, Wikimedia Foundation
Bring LocalWiki to your community
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