Fuck Wall Street, seriously:

How much is a Dollar worth? +: overvalued / -: would tend towards deflation.

+10: Wal-Mart.

+25-50: Affordable Oil. (externalized war. products costs. oil in food. oil in energy. real costs. subsidized?)

+10, or 5 if you never eat fast food: food.

-30: Poverty of the middle class: Unemployment. (12% UE, 5% given up, 25% underemployed, 2% alternative paradigm.)
-15-45: lower class: Rent. (houseless+ struggles with rent + lost house to bank + family and funds + owned by the 1%...)

+20: Stock market games.

+10: Fed reserve monetary policy (+some military industrial complex).

Survival Inventions for the Apocalypse

Based on air, energy, earth, fire, and water. Appropriate technology provides self-sufficiency at no cost. Tested and well-working, perfected through use. Please contact me for my email address or phone number.

Join the War, Don't Pay Rent!

Priorities in the Concepts:

Overcome and resist the lies that our country was founded on! Patriarchy, capitalism, religion, oppression, land paperwork, race, and control. This is what I call the fire-diamond.



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