My name is Jose aka J the Wanderer an Oakland Native Born in Highland Hospital in 1977. I'm a Chicano Historian who grew up in the Fruitvale district of East Oakland in Jingletown used to live on E7th st and Chapman st to be exact. I love everything Oakland have been through a lot in this Town and have seen so many Changes over the Years. My specialty on this page will be to add The Unknown and Often Ignored History of Latinos in Oakland that will be my Main topic but not my only Topic.

My Grandfather Lived in West Oakland as a Bracero during World War 2 after the war he lived in the East Coast for a time and eventually Returned to Mexico My Mom would later Immigrate to Oakland in 1969 this being the beginning of My Family history in Oakland and the Bay Area.

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Thank you i have added many historical things about Oakland's often Ignored Latino History on this Oaklandwiki page.

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Added some more Chicano Latino History especially Historical Figures like Guadalupe Carlos and Ramon Martinez.  Oakland's Latino history is also an Important Part of it's History and a lot of it has been lost until more recently people like me and a few others have been bringing it out.

Recently added the history of the Lowrider Culture in Oakland. A subculture that i was once a part of. I used to hang out at the Taco Truck Mi grullense when the Lowriders would gather there and also i was on Internationblvd in 1998 when the Police riot against Lowriding Youth happened.

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I have also recently added the often Unknown history of the Bracero Workers who came from Mexico to Oakland to fill in the Labor shortages During World war 2 my Grand father being one of then for a time he lived in West Oakland and socialized at Sweets Ballroom and New Century Community Center Hope you enjoy it.

I have also Touched up the History of Hispanic Americans and Latino Americans not done will be adding more asap. and I have added a few Historical notes to Melrose page. Hope you enjoy my Work on here.

My Specialty is bringing out the often Ignored and Unknown history of Mexicans Chicanos and Latinos which has a very Deep and Rich history here in Oakland.

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some pictures are from My Personal Collection from my Research i have done over the years i will go back and add were the pictures came from and who they belong to.

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Well Oaklandwiki added some more info on the History of Hispanic and Latino Americans added some very Valuable info Hopefully you like it tell me what you think not quite done will add 1980's 19990's and 2000's soon. J Wanderer

Been a While since i posted on Oakland Wiki posted today about the Xicana Moratorium day event in Oakland at San Antonio Park August 31 2014.

  • Hi jwanderer7! I'm a mixed race latina originally from southern San Diego and have a lot of pride in my family history. I love seeing your edits..they make me so happy! Do you have a social media account or other way to be in contact? Would you be interested in coming to an Oakland Wiki meetup some time? The next date is published on the front page of the wiki. I'd love to talk with you about history stuff and maybe collaborate on some articles (for example, I can do English-Spanish translations). ~Vicky (vicky at localwiki dot org) @_eekiv
  • Vicky if you can send me a Private message on Facebook on my page we can exchange info. or you can email me. My Email is [email protected] or Jwanderer7

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