I am Praveen Kumar, and I am a Web DeveloperGraphics Designer and a User Experience Architect, employed by an MNC. I work on web technologies like HTMLCSS, and JavaScript and during my free time, I would create some applications in PHP, and ASP. I love working on Microsoft products as well as dedicating to the Open Source Community!

This techiness in me grew from my 2nd standard of my schooling, when I first played my Dangerous Dave game and started working on stuffs like EDIT and DIR! In short, I started with Visual Basic 6 in my 6th and right now, a Web Developer, with 5+ years of hobby experience in 3-tier architecture stuffs.

Viewers, behold, I am just in my 20s! I try to think something innovative and develop some crap, which ultimately gets goofed up. Anywayz, I love internet and web development, so will be working on something new in those areas.

I would love to be a trainer or a teacher, as teaching is a divine stuff, where you gain and let others too gain! My ultimate aim in life is setting up my own Research Labs, and making it from Virtual to Physical! Did I say, I found PraveenTech Research Labs? Oh, sorry! I am not supposed to say about it right now! ;) :P And that's it about me!!!