Name: Steve Ostrowski is a 4th year political science major at UC Davis and Redding Wiki Founder. Age: 22 Politics: Republican Religion: Roman Catholic Occupation: Student Phone Number: (530) 604-9154 Office: Underground Headquarters and KDVS AIM: empirestv(1-12)/usually empirestv12 Email: [email protected]. Blog Spot: Myspace: Facebook: Sacramento Wiki Training Group: Public Page

Wiki Style: I tend to go NPOV but not always. I usually am completely random with edits but I tend to work on government pages. I am moderately skilled on Wiki code so send me a message if you need help.


2008-04-17 21:48:52   Hi, Steve! Glad to see you're still active—now on the Redding Wiki! My oldest daughter may be going to a school at Bethel Church in Redding starting this fall. Keep up the good work! —RichLindvall