A software developer by trade, over 14yrs of experience and now a resident of Syracuse. Previously moved from Ithaca, before that Rochester, before that Canastota. You can read my full bio on the RockWiki page here.

I'm also the originator of the Ithaca Wiki and was a cornerstone contributer to the Rochester Wiki

My favorite locations in Syracuse are: - Ponchito's Taqueria - Erawan Thai Restaurant ... more pending

I own A Pink Door, an event & wedding planning business, which is located in the Armory area.


2009-04-16   Re: Songbird Research. It was moved there from the hub Wiki Spot wiki (where they mistakenly added it)... they explicitly do business in Syracuse. Do companies that do business in Syracuse not belong on this wiki? Seems kind of odd to me: if a taxi service or parcel service covers the city — even if their headquarters are elsewhere — you'd think it would still be a useful thing to have on the wiki. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards, (814) 889-8845

2009-04-18 09:42:34   Unless they have a physical location in said city, then they shouldn't get a page on that wiki. Look at it this way, if you took your suggestion to it's full implementation, you'd have community wikis that have 25,000 pages of businesses that offer a service to you but don't have anything to do with your city. I feel it's a Pandora's box issue. —TravisO

2009-04-25 11:52:24   Hi Travis, I saw the Songbird Research also on Buffalo and changed it to:

See Songbird Research on Rochester Wiki for document indexing/review, document assembly, proof-reading, notary services, legal entity formation and paralegal services.

I did some edits on Original Italian Pizza and realized that you don't have the extended address macro with second argument. Did not know if that is something you can add on WikiSpot or not?

I also submitted a request to have Syracuse Wiki added to the Websites list of Syrahoo.com Local Websites List


2009-10-25 09:47:01   Hi Travis, saw your edits on RocWiki and here on Syracuse Wiki about A Pink Door and did a few linking edits on the page. I was going to add the MailTo also, but did not know if you prefer not to have it there.

Hope to get back to Syracuse sometime. My wife and I met some friends for lunch in Armory Square last June and enjoyed coffee at Freedom of Espresso, lunch at PJ's Pub & Grill and a stroll through Eureka Crafts. You will see some of my photos on their pages.

Good luck with the new business, I have been an entrepreneur since 1980 when I retired from the USAF - it has been a great adventure. I may send you some stuff via email later. —BradMandell

2009-11-02 13:11:15   Your Welcome - I know it can seem a little weird putting your own business out on the wiki. You might consider getting a SyrEventsPlanning twitter name with your Pink Lady URL listed. Then start tweeting stuff about event planning that you are willing to give away for free (including refs to whatever you Blog about it). —BradMandell

2010-05-04 18:19:24   Hi Travis, stopped by to do a few additions today. Also added the Syracuse Wiki as an external link on Wikipedia's Syracuse page.

You can just do an include of FreeWiFi or WiFi on a page and the page will appear on the lists automatically via a LinksHere. —BradMandell