HOTEP! to describe me in one word, I am a Philanthropist. For deeper understand and my intent; I am a proud African despite the continued success of my diaspora. I am post-Black with a powerful personality. I am a lover of knowledge on the self-educated path to becoming a scholar. All in all I am fighting for the advancement of my people.

My major is Library Science, I study at the City College of San Francisco and intern at the African American Museum and Library of Oakland.  

"Primary research is the greatest weapon against the distortion of African & African American history & culture" - Manu Ampim



hey! I'm in grad school for library and information science- we should talk sometime! i'll be at the editathon today, or @greenkozi on twitter. -gk

I really feel that message by Prof. Ampim! That sentiment, but in a broader sense (I'm talking everybody's history), is exactly what inspires me to edit on Oakland Wiki!! I do a lot of outreach for the wiki. I hope to meet you and see you around at one of the local history editathons! Do you think you might come to one? You can sign up for our announcements listserv for event details. We also have a general listserv that includes event announcements, meeting announcements and anything else related to the wiki. Thank you for signing up and contributing your perspectives and history!! :] ~Vicky

Hi Andi! Good to see you on here. And nice to meet you at the AAMLO. It would be good to connect at wiki meet-up some time? - Diana