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which is a task to create a web page on this WIKI.

Hi sg552 and welcome to the San Francisco Wiki. I wanted to thank you for making a page and contributing. The page you made for Integral Yoga Institute appeared to be copied and pasted from Unfortunately, the contents of the business' website is copyrighted and property of the business. The contents of this wiki are under a much more liberal license, essential for our collaborative and non-commercial efforts. This license, called "Creative Commons Attribution License" allows anyone to use content from the wiki as long as they attribute it as such. In posting content that belongs to the Internal Yoga Institute to the wiki, you are thus releasing it under a different license. Doing this without permission is a bit rude. By all means, you should create a page about the Integral Yoga Institute, but you need to secure permission to release their content under a different license, or better yet use your own words and photos.