I believe it is important to build up the Baltimore Content on social media, especially sites such as LocalWiki.org. Site design is important when layout out the content of a site. Site design allows for information to be accessed quickly and easily. If a user is able to easily find information they are looking for on a site, they are more likely to continue using a site. As more information is added to a site, even more people will be attracted to a site. If content on the Baltimore site is built out, more Google searches will ping the LocalWiki. More pings mean more views, which essentially means more visitors to the site.

If volunteers chose to add information to a LocalWiki, more people are likely to feel connected to a project. If more people feel connected, they are more likely to self-promote / market the website. The more volunteers associated with a LocalWiki, the better. Volunteers all have their own social circle, which is a great way to begin to spread a website around.