Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority (NFTA)  provides public transportation for people who live travels in the Buffalo area. The transportation is provided through buses and trains. This also allow Buffalo to become more environment friendly and reduce the flow of traffic. The NFTA  has a daily schedule and tracker for easy travels that allows you to plan your day and make aware of distrubtion in the schedual.


humboldt stationticket information

The rails runs  a 6.4 mile across the majority of main street. The rails is convient for many people as it runs every 10 minutes on weekdays. On holiday and weekends runs every 20 minutes. It's also is convients for people who are traveling to and from downtown buffalo.  The trains run underground and above ground, however, trains that run above ground is free to use. They are doing a study to see if they can extend the rail to the north campus of University of Buffalo in Amherst. They are extending  the rail to the Cobblestone- Canal and will be completed by march 1, 2017.


Also known as PAL is an option NFTA provides for disable customers at a reduce faire. It is where qualify member are allowed to make reservation for door to door pickup and drop off. Members who qualify are allowed to book their reservation up to two weeks in advance. The customers who qualify must not be able to travel to the buss stop or not able to boards on the buses or rails. For more information, call 716- 855-7239.


buss stop hub stopbuss

The NFTA uses 332 buss to operate on schedule. Bus stops usually are located in the hub as seen above or by a bus sign. All major bus stop are located in a hub. Recently at bed rock their bus hub has added heaters and is expected to include them in more hubs.

Airport Travel

NFTA has partner up with the Buffalo Niagara International Airport so people could travel convince for a cheap cost to the airport. you can use their city bus or their express bus, for more information and their schedule is at Buffalo Niagara  International Airport website. there is an express bus which takes you from  Buffalo Niagara International Airport downtown, which then you commute where you final destination in.


The NFTA has its own police department to maintain the safety of their community as the use NFTA transportation. NFTA police officer are certified through New York State. The officer has the authority dealing with crime and traffic situation in the Erie, Niagara, and Geneses county. the head quart of transit police is located in 1404 Main Street, Buffalo, New York. Also there is sub-headquarter station which are located in; Buffalo Niagara International Airport, Niagara Falls International Airport, and all underground metro rail station.