Kea'au Public & School Library is a public library in Kea'au. The library itself is located inside the Kea'au Middle School grounds, but the building is open to the public.

Unlike the branch in Hilo, you can use the internet without a library card here if you join the HSPLS-Lava open wifi network. This wifi network was set up after the lava flows to support the community and it's still operating. It can also be easier to get a library card here if you have trouble getting one at the Hilo branch.

16-571 Kea'au-Pāhoa Road, Kea'au 96749

M 09:00-16:30; T, Th 13:00-20:00; W 10:00-16:30

F 08:30-16:30; Sat, Sun-CLOSED

books in the library (CC0)library sign on the street (CC0)the middle school grounds, go down and then left (CC0)

go left from this building (CC0)library entrance (CC0)sign announcing the free wifi (CC0)