SkokieWiki is a community edited site about Skokie, Illinois. This site is a place to record Skokie culture, history, civic activity, current events — anything you can think of! We want to build community and facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing in Skokie.

  • What is a Wiki? - A wiki is a website of linked pages that may be easily edited and expanded upon by multiple users. The term wiki was coined by computer programmer Ward Cunningham and originates from the Hawaiian wiki-wiki which means “quick-quick”

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Getting Started

  • Review the Terms of Use and Community Guidelines – Even open projects have general guidelines.

  • Creating an account – You do not need an account to edit pages In order to edit pages, but registering comes with benefits. You will receive credit for your work and establishing an identity helps to build community with other editors, read more about this on DavisWiki.

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  • Visit the How to the Contribute and User Guide pages - Learn how to use and edit SkokieWiki.

  • Play around in the SkokieWiki SandBox – This is a space to experiment around with editing.

  • Don't feel like you have to create a whole new entry with your first edit. Many editors contribute by doing the tiny fixes and grooming of existing entries, they are called wiki gnomes.

  • Check out  recent changes to see what sorts of edits other users have made - it's a good way to learn how best to make small edits and improvements to pages.

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