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2013-01-16 17:07:14   Welcome to the wiki, and thanks for your comment on my page. I'm glad you see some value in keeping history around, even when it's slightly embarrassing. Actually, no need for the Enterprise to be embarrassed because someone broke their sign, IMO; these things happen. The general point is that one of the main purposes of the wiki is to document Davis, including its history, not necessarily to paint things in their best light. But new additions, such as the one you made today, are always welcome.

And I agree with you that the loss of Mary Worth is no loss at all. I guess there are pretty virulent differences of opinion about what makes for a good comic, though! —CovertProfessor

2013-01-23 11:12:31   I just got around to reading your welcome comment. Thank you. I am young and it is hard to appreciate history as opposed to painting things in their best light. I thought replacing the picture would work for both of us, but maybe not. Anyways I didn't mean to step on toes and am glad for your applying the check and balance features of the Davis wiki and your interest in our local paper. Thanks for your response on the Mary Worth comic, I am going to research the popularity of the comic further. —AaronWedra

2013-01-29 15:55:47   Does your increased activity in editing the Davis Enterprise wiki page mean that the Enterprise is going to start to acknowledge the existence of the Davis Wiki in this town? —CovertProfessor

2013-02-05 13:38:37   What do you mean by acknowledge the Davis Wiki? I can find out for you if I better understand the question. Anyways, we are updating the Davis Wiki page even further than my picture changes because much of the information in the general information part of the page is inaccurate, outdated, made up and/or written in an editorial voice from a perspective that is not that of the business'. We are making informed updates, that I hope do not get reverted, but alas it is out of any one person's or institutions hands lol! —AaronWedra

2013-02-05 13:51:14   Aaron, do a search through the Enterprise's archives. When I last did this — which was admittedly a few months ago, so perhaps things have changed recently (but I doubt it) — the only reference to the Davis Wiki was made in the letters. None in the regular articles in the newspaper. For example, one might expect to see such reference every fall when the paper talks about resources in Davis. Nope. Or maybe when the Wiki made the New York Times. Nope. It studiously does *not* mention the Wiki. (It seems to have the same policy of non-mentioning towards the Vanguard).

So, given that, it is completely APPALLING that the Enterprise now seeks to use the Wiki for its own purposes — to present the business from its own light. That completely overlooks what the wiki is meant to be... the view of the COMMUNITY in all its diversity. Sorry, you have a whole paper to control. You don't get to control the wiki, too. I highly suggest that you read Welcome to the wiki/Business Owner and demonstrate that the Enterprise can respect the rules that govern another form of media. Right now, it is failing miserably on that score. —CovertProfessor

2013-02-05 13:52:51   And yeah, I just reverted all of your changes to the page. This is not a page for businesses to spin themselves in their favored light. Please do read the link I just gave you above. —CovertProfessor

2013-02-05 13:54:49   Also, don't delete links. Links are another part of what the wiki is about. —CovertProfessor

2013-02-07 17:07:13   I read the article, thanks it was helpful. I'm gonna come back to adding and updating next week when i'm at the Enterprise working again. I'll be more conservative with my edits. I don't know why or why not, our local paper would hesitate to mention the davis wiki. Maybe because it's not a completely credible source of info in the most typical sense. I use it all the time to find hours and locations of businesses though. I like that institutions aren't presented with a perfect facade, but that also leaves room for 1 person to leave their disparate opinion. Have a nice weekend! —AaronWedra

2013-02-12 16:16:22   Hello Mr. Professor. I just want to make clear that I am offended to have had you follow me around the davis wiki. That is what you did when you made edits to the Abbey Road Press page. I don't know how you can justify your interest in overseeing me specifically, but I don't like it.

We can continue to discuss things otherwise. —AaronWedra

2013-02-12 16:25:22   I am not following you around. I edit many pages on the wiki. For example, today I edited El Toro Bravo. Yesterday I edited Lamppost Pizza, The Davis Beat, and Roommates Wanted. I have no interest in you personally whatever. —CovertProfessor

2013-02-12 16:47:06   Hi Aaron, welcome to the Wiki. CovertProfessor is one of a number of editors who follow the Recent Changes page. A number of us look at RC a number of times each day to see what is going on. For me it varies from day to day, but most days I check probably between a quarter and a half of the edits that are made on the wiki, just to see if there are any problems or if I can do anything to follow up. It only takes a few seconds for each page, and it's a great way to both keep tabs on what's happening around the Wiki and around Davis, and a good means of keeping the Wiki tidy, since messy edits are less likely to build up if people catch them as they're made.

I say this not to imply that your edits are messy, but to explain that CP isn't stalking you (at least, probably not...). Rather, CP is just a Wiki Gnome helping maintain what is a truly great resource for the Davis community.

CP's point about the Enterprise is separate from that, but I will note that I completely agree; it's extremely strange that the Enterprise seems dedicated to ignoring the existence of the Wiki.

I have called the news desk at the Enterprise on multiple occasions to offer information, citing Davis Wiki as the source, and there hasn't been any mention. For example, when the Manukyan arrest broke on the Wiki, I called to inquire of the Enterprise whether they had any information. The person I spoke with said they did not, and that they'd look into it. The Enterprise's first story on the subject appeared online later that day. A similar course of events took place with the Mori Seiki protesters (though on a side note, Justin Cox of Davis Patch got back to me with info on what was happening MUCH faster, and ran a story on it I think a couple of days before the Enterprise).

It seems as though a uniquely Davis institution like the Wiki, which is a model for hundreds of other communities around the world that want to replicate it, would be of interest to local media. I can't imagine that the editors of believe there's no journalistic merit to a story on the Wiki, or that there's no interest in the subject in the community - particularly when it wins 6-figure grants or makes the A section in the New York Times. So, I can't help but wonder at the reasoning behind the lack of coverage.

But... that's all an aside.

My point is that I doubt CP is stalking you; rather, CP is just gnoming. —TomGarberson

2013-02-13 10:31:12   Well well... I didn't know or imagine that there were people who interested themselves in trying to keep up with and oversee the new edits for the entire Davis Wiki. If that is the case, then It would seem to me that the Davis Wiki would end up portraying the super involved individual's personal interpretation of the philosophy of how wiki pages should be put together.

Maybe there need be governance from people who have interest and dedication to the cause of a democracy as opposed to anarchy-in terms of the wiki of course ( :

Alas, I am less offended CP, but still have to point out that you have interacted with about 90% of my edits, and that got on my nerves.

oh, and yes I am employed by the local newspaper (in the graphics department). But I do not have an answer to the interesting topic of why the Davis Enterprise seems to ignore the Davis Wiki. I don't know. —AaronWedra

  • Probably the lack of Enterprise recognition has to do with a desire on the part of its editors not wishing to encourage the competition (Davis Wiki). Just take a look, for example at editions of the New York Post and the New York Daily News—you would have to look long and hard before you found the rival's name mentioned in the other one and vice versa. In Davis, the pattern of media title mentions is essentially the same as in New York, but more asymmetrical in that the amount of mentions of the Davis Enterprise in the Davis Wiki would seem to indicate a lack of perceived equality or clout perhaps —RaoulDuke
    • That does seem like the most likely explanation. If it's true, though, it's indicative of a lack of familiarity with the wiki on the part of the editors. The Wiki does not report on news. While both fall under the umbrella category of "information about Davis," there is virtually zero overlap. A reader looking for something that the Enterprise would report on won't find it on the Wiki, with certain minor exceptions (Arriving Businesses and the occasional tidbit added in a comment or alert by a Wiki user), and vice versa. The content isn't the same, and there's no competition. —TomGarberson

2013-02-13 13:18:15   Well, I watch and edit the wiki regularly for pretty much the same reasons that TG describes above. I think the Wiki is a great resource and I like being able to contribute to it, and to help keep it useful and interesting for Davisites, in part because I find it useful and interesting myself. It might seem like a strange way to spend one's time, but people volunteer their time in all sorts of ways for all sorts of endeavors. If you take a step back and look at the Wiki, I think you have to admit it's a pretty cool thing that Davisites have built here. It's a way to contribute to a neat project in between working on other things.

Does the Wiki reflect the edits of its most frequent editors? No doubt it does, although I think the tone and many of the policies were set by the earliest editors, many of whom are no longer editing (I was not one of those). But if you're suggesting that it would be better to have more frequent editors — yes! And you and anyone else are encouraged to join in, for as much or as little as you are able and interested in contributing.

As for your being upset by my changing your edit on the Abbey Road Press page — well, one of the first things that people learn when they edit the Wiki is that it's not about "my" edit and "your" edit — they are all our edits, because the Wiki is edited collaboratively. What I saw on that page was that you had added content to the page (that's good!) and that you hadn't deleted what was there previously (also good!) but that the new info you added did not flow with what was there before; in other words, there was one general description of the business, and you just added a new general description above it, without integrating. So, all I did was to try to integrate what was there with what you added. Again, it didn't matter to me that it was you who made the edit; I would have made the changes I did regardless of who made them. That's one of the hard things about editing collaboratively — to understand that others can and will change your words, and to learn to work with them and compromise, assuming that we all have the same goal of making the wiki useful and interesting (unfortunately, sometimes people have other goals). It can be a difficult process, and sometimes people disagree; e.g., TG is an editor who I very much respect, but sometimes he and I don't see eye to eye. That's normal.

I guess what I am trying to do is to give you a better picture of what the wiki is like, and to encourage you to stick around and contribute to other pages if you are so inclined.

As for the Enterprise and the Wiki — not sure there is more to say about that, but the Wiki is in no way a competitor to the Enterprise. In fact, I can't tell you how many times (hundreds? thousands?) I have linked from the Wiki to an Enterprise article. I am, in fact, a print subscriber to the paper. I would think the Enterprise ought to be crowing about this great thing in its town, the same way that it crows about the Farmers Market or the Arboretum or the Downtown or the greenbelts... all of the cool things that make Davis what it is. —CovertProfessor

2013-02-13 16:01:52   Any number of us follow the 'Recent Changes' link. I saw your interaction with some editors, including CP, and took it on myself to edit the Enterprise page to reflect some of the things you were discussing. That's the way it works here. Glad to have you with us, and I hope you'll take up gnoming and other editing habits to improve the Wiki as well. —DonShor