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Name: Adam Flowers

I grew up on San Marino Drive off of Mace Boulevard in South Davis. Our neighborhood was officially called Rancho Macero but most of us were unaware of that designate and simply referred to it as "Our Neighborhood". At the end of the street was the eastern terminus of the Putah Creek Bike Path. We could ride our bikes to Willowbank (crossing a wooden bridge spanning the creek) or further still past the tank house on Ricci's Farm to Putah Creek Park. Until I was about 5, this place was my whole world, with the exception of trips to IGA downtown or Lee's Drugstore on G Street with my mom or mornings spent in Davis Parent Nursery School at Valley Oak Elementary School. At the east end of our street, where it met with Mace Boulevard, there was a storm drain complete with a rusted, heavy steel grate which had been dubbed by our elders, Hell's Gate. Later, we would send daring reconnaissance missions into the darkness, usually to end with the person furthest in turning around and running screaming from the black depths.

My father, Mike Flowers, built my older sister Michelle and I a playhouse in our back yard. Our property backs up to the North Fork of Putah Creek, so it felt as if a whole world of possibility was just over the fence. He also built a basketball hoop in the driveway. My father would often play HORSE with us when he would come home from work. My mother's voice could reach any corner of the neighborhood, and she would call me in when it was time to wash up and set the table for dinner.

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of my family's home by Putah Creek on the edge of the city limits and memory.


Adam+Mailman Hat=Dork 1992

While a student at Davis High School, Adam could be seen driving Old Blue, his father's 1958 Chevrolet Apache pick-up truck. It was also around this time that he took to wearing a United States Postal Service hat, in tribute to the one-hit wonder hip hop group House of Pain. This made Adam look dorkier than he could possibly imagine. He was also involved in the infamous Rainbow Head Afro Mall Run at County Fair Mall along with Steve Walter, Gordon Bell, Ken Keilman and Lucas Taber in 1992.

Adam is a graduate of the Davis High School Class of 1993, a charter member of Keever, co-founder of Geniuses @ Work, an alumnus of Acme Theatre Co., a member of the two-time Grand Champion Davis High School Jazz Choir, former writer of the Devil's Advocate column for the Davis High School student newspaper The HUB and a former member of the influential Davis band Abdominizer.

In 1993, Adam sang the National Anthem at the July 4th Fireworks at Community Park.

Adam's website

Adam and his beautiful wife Nicole Takesono Flowers-2006 Adam and his beautiful wife Nicole Takesono Flowers on their wedding day-2004 My sweet, sweet, wedding day, 17 July 2004: L to R-Adam and a frightened Lucas Taber

How now, Chariman Mao?

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