AnsateJones perpetually has no idea what she is doing.

She hails from the Boston, MA area and is still new enough that she tends to relate everything she encounters in Davis in comparisons to what you might find "back east." Therefore except for a few glaring omissions (no tabouleh? how the hell do these people get by??!?!?!!1one!) she has a tendency to be more excited, content and overwhelmed about many aspects of No-Cal life than most people.

PenguiN42 is her mow.


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Hello to AnsateJones! I have no idea how this wiki thing works. I want to ask you about your guinea pigs. I have two myself—Billy and Angelica. I just moved here from Seattle with my husband to go to school in the fall. We really need to find a vet for Billy—he's not eating and his stools are really tiny. We had his teeth filed in Seattle because the vet there thougth that sores from long teeth were making it hard for him to eat...anyway, we are looking for reccomendations. Thanks! My name is Claire, and my number is 206-200-6660.

2006-12-27 17:39:58   Hi Claire, I'm taking mine to Acorn Vet (on Covell) right now... I've also heard good things about Midtown Animal Clinic (behind Dairy Queen on 5th St). For emergencies you can try Bradshaw Vet in Elk Grove... it's 30 min drive away but it's open til 10pm, 7 days a week, and then switches into emergency service for the rest of the night. And they didn't charge an arm and a leg for procedures like VMTH does. —AnsateJones

2007-01-09 11:06:39   Guinea pigs have a very short lifespan, they don't deal well with the heat. I took care of a neighbor's one summer, put the guy in the hot garage (better than outside) to clean the area around the cage. He wasn't there long but came inside dead. Nothing like returning a dead pet to your neighbors. We had 2 for them for 2 weeks, the one who died did it the day before they returned. They didn't ask us to take care of pets after that. Your pig may just be old. Acorn vet is good. —BarbaraClowers

2007-04-30 07:37:53   Just a random note, you can get tabbouleh (spelled also tabouli, and many other ways) at the Davis Food Co-op most of the time, though they unfortunately do run out frequently. —DavidPoole