Name: Ashley Carr (Previously known as Ashley Dunleavy)

Personality: Also known as the crazy dog lady.

* Employed by UC Davis VMTH

* Board Member of the Sacramento Area Animal Coalition since 2008

* Dog Owner

* Owner Ashleys Petsitting

Meet My Dog:Windy!

Windy is a very special little girl. She was raised at a "sanctuary" where she did not interact with people. When she was rescued two ago she was petrified of everything because it was all so new to her. Windy is doing fantastic, but she will always be a timid dog who needs a very special home that understands what she has been through. Windy is doing wonderful in her foster home. She loves the other dogs and interacts with them very well. Windy has learned when she hears the leashes that she gets to go for a walk and she gets so excited and barks her enthusiasm. Windy is till pretty scared of being around new things and new people, but she is getting better every day! Windy is about 3 years old and weighs about 30 lbs. You can find out more about these wonderful dogs at

My previous Foster Dogs:

Rhianna: Stevie: Tia:



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2007-03-16 11:48:32   Crazy Dog Lady? I like it! I will eventually be the crazy cat guy. Hope you don't mind I added the comments macro to your page. —DavidGrundler

2007-03-16 11:50:39   And thanks Ashley for falling on the "sword" for me...I know you were only trying to stick up for me and I am sorry that you, too came under fire. That wasn't fair and I apologise. And Thank You! —CoreyDeRoo

2007-03-16 12:09:26   Thanks for compromising! —EdWins

2007-03-16 12:15:14   No big deal. I never intended to offend anyone, just state my opinion. —AshleyDunleavy

2007-09-17 13:46:01   Prima Donna is soooooo cute Ashley! But then again I have a soft spot for white & brown bullies. :-) And no, we can't take her. We'll be in a house next year though so we hope to get Jack a friend and possibly start fostering. —CindiDrake

2007-10-05 09:36:55   Hey, you can just use .gif files... no need to convert them at all. I cleaned it up a bit. —JabberWokky

2007-10-15 10:18:26   Hey, Ashley... I think you need to convert those bmp photos to jpgs. If you need, I'd be happy to do it for you. —JabberWokky

2007-10-15 10:20:42   (I'd be especially happy to convert them if they are photos of yellow labs, but that's my wife's preference in canines showing). —JabberWokky That would be great! I was just trying to figure out how to do that.... Labs usually go to lab rescue, so I don't get many of those :)

2007-10-15 10:46:28   Howdy... I converted all the images and updated the layout a bit so people can see the pets up for adoption more clearly set out from the adopted pets. I also dropped in some comments that are only visible when you edit the entry so that it'll be a little bit easier the next time you update them. Fantastic job — stuff like this is easy to talk about, but keeping a regularly updated resource is hard work. —JabberWokky

2008-04-22 14:46:34   Windy looks like a clone of my dog. It's kinda freakin' me out. —JennSuzuki