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2008-06-21 17:34:28   Welcome to the Wiki. Please consider the importance of using your RealName. I replied to your question on Bike Parking. —JasonAller

2008-06-23 17:56:37   I thought your question deserved a follow-up so this morning I took some photos (click to view full size):

Near Memorial Union

View from Street untouched View from north untouched close up of sign untouched view of bike locked in pod. note missing seat and "remove bike sign". TAPS tags all bikes with "remove bike signs" at the end of each quarter to cull out the abandoned ones. untouched

Near the Silo

View from Street untouched View from Silo untouched opened so photo could be taken of interior

These were the two installations that I was familiar with. So I went by and took pictures. The riveted on plastic instructions did not fair well in the sun. Installing the pods over decomposed granite yields splash up during rain; this combines with pine tree sap and dust by the Memorial Union. Anyone with arachnophobia might not want to open the pods? I wonder if for the same cost it would be possible to design a rain and shade cover that would shield an entire row of traditional bike racks? If you like I can get some comparison photos of the dual bike box lockers that they have on the bike path just east of the ARC. I hope this sheds a little more light on the situation. —JasonAller