Hi all, I'm Brent Laabs from Davis Wiki.  Just curious... why am I banned? Just curious.  I mean, I haven't edited in like, years, and I'm pretty sure they weren't troll edits either.

Ugh, I think you ran into the same issue Greg Bard hit.  I don't think anybody banned you, but your account may be randomly locked out. I don't really know the cause yet - can you log in?  You may need to reset your password. Shoot me an email at [email protected]

  • Uh, okay, it looks like editing is working now?  No idea why, either. --BL


Poke.  Serious jokes are serious business.  I'm assuming the comment about paid editors was a jab at what you saw as over-zealous formality of certain editors, and not an actual accusation? -jw